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SeaSolve IP Cores

SeaSolve offers a suite of IP cores that can be incorporated into 3rd-party wireless device designs. The IPs consist of entire PHY and MAC implementations as well as components and algorithms that can be utilized as functional blocks of a wireless and/or embedded device.

The PHY and MAC cores are mainly targeted towards clients looking to build FPGA-based prototypes of their wireless designs based on a given standard. Access to SeaSolve's VHDL/RTL implementations thus shortens clients' design-time and ultimately, time-to-market. The cores are tested for functionality at the baseband level (with or without an FPGA) as well as at RF (with an FPGA board and RF frontend) wherever applicable.

Upon request, SeaSolve can also provide cores in MATLAB or C format. This is particularly useful for componentized algorithms such as Viterbi which can then be integrated into clients' code.