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ZigBee Automated Manufacturing Test Solution

The ZigBee Manufacturing test solution takes not more than 2-3 seconds to perform all the RF tests, which includes various Transmitter and Receiver tests and giving out detailed tests reports. The solution is capable of testing multiple DUTs in parallel.

“Our partnership with SeaSolve to develop a manufacturing test solution for testing of Ember’s ZigBee chips enables our clients to start up manufacturing in a matter of days while also achieving the lowest cost of test at the highest coverage” said John Loukota, Ember’s Director of Hardware Engineering

Watch this demo to learn about SeaSolve’s ZigBee test solution. See how you can test in just 2-3 seconds with SeaSolve’s ZigBee Test Solution.



Dot The test system can be scaled based on the requirements i.e. it could be used as a production tester (both high and low volumes) as well as design validation platform.
Dot Include firmware integration and flash programming
Dot PCB and RF testing (transmitter and receiver)
Dot Use parallel process model that helps in optimizing the resources and testing of multiple UUTs thus increasing the throughput and reducing the cost.
Dot Sequencing of tests as per the requirement
Dot Setting of privileges for Administrator and operators
Dot Include APIs that result in faster test times
Dot Include option to add calibration factor and loss compensation
Dot Provides database connectivity that help in tracking and storing the results
Dot Seamlessly integrates with PXI instruments and interacts with UUT (firmware) via various interfaces like USB, serial port and LAN
Dot Script Editor to configure system parameters, test parameters like test limits etc
Dot Support for leading 802.15.4 chipsets
Dot Additional features include MAC programming, support for Scanners etc

PCBA Tests

Dot Voltage & Current Testing

RF Tests (Transmitter Tests)

Dot Transmit Power
Dot PSD (Power Spectral Density ) Mask
Dot CFO ( Center Frequency Tolerance)
Dot EVM ( Error Vector Magnitude)
Dot Carrier Suppression
Dot Ramp Up / Down
Dot Phase Noise
Dot Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Convergence
Dot Tx / Rx Turnaround Time

RF Tests (Receiver Tests)

Dot Receiver Sensitivity
Dot Receiver Maximum Input Power
Dot Receiver Adjacent Channel Rejection
Dot Receiver Alternate Channel Rejection
ZigBee Resource


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